MaxTank was formed in 2014 to provide alternate solutions to fluid storage and management. The MaxTank is a patented fluid storage tank that transports as a standard 40' shipping container and deploys to provide 410,000L of storage. The driving force behind the conception of the MaxTank has been the push from local industry to create lower-cost operations and

The Benefits Of Using Max Tank
  • Reduces transportation costs
  • Reduces daily storage costs
  • Increases logistical efficiency
  • Eliminates land disturbance
  • Improves environmental compliance
  • Increases onsite storage capacity
Technical Information
  • 410,000 litres storage capacity.
  • Suitable for fluids weighing up to 1.2 SG (10 ppg) including brine and KCL
  • Portable solution for temporary bulk clean water storage. Site construction and maintenance, HDD & Micro Tunnelling, drilling muds, well servicing, and other field operations
  • Replaces in-ground storage ponds or turkey's nests; removing the need for permits, construction and rehabilitation
  • Reduces trucking of multiple smaller tanks
  • Transports as a standard 40ft shipping container complete with lifting couplings
  • Transportation options include: side loaders, winch trucks, tilt trucks
  • Primary and secondary containment system
  • Intrinsically safe and patented design
  • 3 hours setup and pulldown for 2 person team


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